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Wuhan Fuxing Hanzheng Street Project

The A3 plot of Hanzheng Street East is located at the intersection of Yangtze River and Hanjiang River, starting from Youyi South Road in the east, Jinchang Mall in the west, Yanhe Avenue in the south, and Hanzheng Street in the north. The planned total land area is 23.18 hectares, consisting of 8 small plots, with a planned total construction area of 1,011,400 square meters, including 326,000 square meters of residential area and 685,400 square meters of commercial area. In addition, the project is also planned to have a green area of 4.05 hectares. Wuhan Fuxing Group has invested heavily to build a benchmark project of "Honeycomb city" with the integration of industry and city.



Wuhan Fuxing Hanzheng Street Project

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