Wuhan Wishing Pool Project

Wuhan Wishing Pool Project, 1:1 height restoration of the famous Italian wishing pool, also known as Rome's Fontanadi Trevi fountain (Fontanadi Trevi), a total height of about 25.9 meters, about 19.8 meters wide, is the world's largest Baroque fountain. It became famous all over the world after the movie Roman Holiday became a worldwide hit. In the center is Poseidon, the god of the sea, driving a chariot. In the background is the Palace of the Sea Gods, served by the water gods on both sides, and above the palace is a statue of a girl representing the four seasons. Shantai spent a lot of money, adopted world-class carving masters, deeply grasped the psychology and movements of the gods, vividly depicted the expressions and expressions of the gods, and was overwhelmed by a strong artistic appeal before standing the statue.



Wuhan Wishing Pool Project

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