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The new standard for green building evaluation is about to be implemented, and the application prospect of GRC is good.

The new standard for green building evaluation is about to be implemented, and the application prospect of GRC is good.

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    This year, the third edition of the Green Building Evaluation Standard (No. GB/T51356-2019) has been released, which will be implemented on August 1, 2019. As a new environmentally friendly material, GRC will have a good application prospect in the continuous development of green buildings.
    With the continuous deepening of China's ecological civilization construction, the whole society's concept, understanding and demand for green buildings have gradually improved, and the "Green Building Evaluation Standards" has encountered new problems and challenges. The core problem is that the standard is based on engineering as the main line to assess the green level of the building, failing to let the people feel the advantages of green building in terms of health, comfort and quality. Therefore, the revision of the new edition of the “Green Building Evaluation Standards” established a new model of green building development that “people-oriented, emphasis on performance and quality improvement”. In the indicator system, it has expanded from “four sections and one environmental protection” to “safe and durable, healthy and comfortable, convenient living, resource conservation, and environmentally livable”. In the “people-oriented”, it has improved and added new decoration and indoors. Air quality, water quality, fitness facilities, garbage, and age-appropriate requirements.
     In order to ensure the performance and quality of green buildings, the technical requirements for industrialization of buildings, sponge cities, healthy buildings, and building information models have been clarified. At the same time, the new version of "Green Building Evaluation Standards" will be in line with the international major green building evaluation technical standards, improve the classification model, from three evaluation levels to four evaluation levels, adding one "basic level." The requirements of meeting all the “control items” of the standard are “basic level”, which is conducive to taking into account the imbalance of geographical development in China and promoting the popularization of green buildings.
     GRC is a renewable material, its raw materials do not contain radioactive nuclear elements, and it is a national radioactive nuclides content Class A environmentally friendly material. At the same time, GRC raw materials are non-combustible materials and have been tested as Class A1 fireproof materials. Long-term immersion in water, the shape and safety factor of GRC materials change little, and the structure and properties do not change. After a large number of experiments, the GRC has excellent durability, is not afraid of ultraviolet radiation, and can withstand the wind, sun and rain, and the weather resistance is much higher than the general building materials. Therefore, GRC is a new green environmentally friendly material that is renewable, waterproof, fireproof, durable and cost-effective. It is a high-quality material for building and decorating green buildings.
     Green development cannot be ignored. With the changing concept of consumers, green, healthy and environmental protection have become the trend of consumer demand, especially for GRC, which is close to home life, which is closely related to people's healthy life. valued. Therefore, in response to the country's call for the development of green buildings, GRC has a bright future and unlimited potential.