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Shantai tells you the four characteristics of GRC partition board

Shantai tells you the four characteristics of GRC partition board

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GRC partition wall panels, also known as GRC curtain wall panels, are widely used in various engineering buildings. It can not only enhance the elegance of engineering buildings, but also create a rhythm. Below, I walked into the GRC partition wall with Xiaobian to understand its characteristics.
Characteristics of GRC curtain wall
GRC curtain wall is made of composite materials such as decorative design layer, performance GRC layer, GRC ribs or steel framework. This product not only gets rid of the defects of traditional GRC crafts that are easy to crack and deform, especially in the design of different self-decorative designs with practical effects and accurate appearance and geometric specifications, it is a new type that can match marble and laminated glass curtain walls High-end curtain wall.
1.Styling design
Performance GRC separator adopts excellent production technology and has good formability. It can display engineering and construction products with distinctive cultural characteristics and distinctive features, and presents this idealized curtain wall aluminum veneer for the development trend of human engineering construction today.
Performance GRC partition board adopts unique production technology and scientific standard structure and connection design scheme. Large-scale and large-scale design schemes can be considered. The board width is about 30 square meters.
3.Decorative panel
Performance GRC partition wall panels can be made into products with the traditional self-decorative design of traditional cold water, colorful cold water, and imitation stone and imitation stone patterns according to different production technologies.
4, crack resistance
GRC partition wall boards have many new materials and new technical applications in the concrete and soil mixing industry, which completely eliminates the problems of long cracks and deformation in the traditional process, and greatly improves the compressive strength, relative density and Use performance.