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Shantai Interpretation for You——Eight Features of GRG Products

Shantai Interpretation for You——Eight Features of GRG Products

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GRG is the English abbreviation, the full name is GlassFiber Reinforced Gypsum, Chinese name is pre-cast glass fiber reinforced gypsum molding. Can produce various functional products and various artistic shapes, and the randomness of its creative shapes has become the first choice for various architectural art expressions.
Non-deformation: As the main material of GRG is gypsum, it has no corrosive effect on glass fiber, and its wet and dry shrinkage is less than 0.01%, so it can be confirmed that the product has stable performance, durability and long life.
 Light weight: The weight of the 10mm GRG board is about 22kg, which can reduce the weight of the main building and the load of the components.
High strength and stable performance: GRG products with high product strength and 22mm thickness exceed 10 times the national standard for breaking load strength of decorative gypsum boards.
The thermal expansion coefficient of processed GRG products is very low, and it will not deform, sag, or expand due to changes in ambient temperature and humidity.
Strong plasticity: GRG products use special pre-casting processing technology. Because of its marked bending and tensile resistance, it has flexible and flexible plastic properties.
Can breathe = moisture-proof: GRG board is a kind of board with a large number of microporous structures. In a natural environment, a porous body can absorb or release moisture.
Fireproof: GRG material belongs to Class A1 fireproof material. In addition to being flame retardant, it can also release 15% -20% of its own weight of moisture, which can greatly reduce the temperature of the fire surface and reduce fire losses.
Environmental protection: GRG products do not have any odor, and the limits of radionuclides conform to the standards of Class A decorative materials stipulated by the national standard, which belong to green environmental protection materials.
Acoustic effect is good: The test shows that the air-to-dry specific gravity of GRG is 1.75, which meets the requirements of professional acoustic reflection. Can form a good sound absorption structure, achieve the role of sound insulation.
Short processing cycle: GRG products need only one hour to remove the film, and the drying time after special treatment only needs 4-8 hours, which can greatly shorten the production and processing cycle of the product.
 Easy installation and construction: GRG products can be hoisted and spliced ​​on-site, with good processing performance, fast and flexible installation, and seamless close stitching on a large area to form the final perfect decorative modeling effect.
Good surface decoration effect: The surface of GRG products is delicate and smooth, which can be effectively combined with various coatings and other veneer materials (veneer, fabric, etc.)