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China UHPC Technology and Application Development Status

China UHPC Technology and Application Development Status

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It is exactly 40 years since UHPC applied for the first patent in Denmark in 1979 to this year. Only 25 years after it was invented, there was a special UHPC technical exchange, namely the first UHPC International Symposium held by the University of Kassel in Germany in 2004 (every 4 years, English communication). In the first 25 years of the development of UHPC, it may be subject to patents. UHPC research is limited to a few companies, universities, and research institutions. Most engineering and technical personnel lack understanding and cognition of UHPC, and technology and application development is slow. In the 15 years after 2004, the development of UHPC technology in the world, including China, has accelerated significantly. A large number of scientific researchers from enterprises, universities and research institutions have joined the ranks of UHPC research and application development, and UHPC communication platforms have continued to increase, such as civil engineering in France. The association has held international seminars (English and French exchanges) in 2009, which is also a four-year session; the United States hosted the UHPC interactive international seminars (English exchanges) in 2016, and just held the second session this year; China's RILEM series UHPC International The seminar (English communication) has been held twice in 2016 and 2018, and the third one will be held in Nanjing in 2020.
The research and exploration of China's UHPC began at the end of the last century. It is now the most dynamic field for the research, application, innovation and development of cement-based materials. In recent years, the engineering application has shown a rapid growth trend. The UHPC industry has become an engineering that can be industrialized and commercialized. Materials, product types and application fields are constantly expanding. UHPC structural design methods, construction technology and standard specifications are in the process of development, establishment and improvement.
In order to promote China's UHPC technology advancement, knowledge popularization and application promotion, so that UHPC practitioners and people interested in UHPC technology, application and industrial development can get together to learn, exchange and discuss, the China Concrete and Cement Products Association has super high performance The cement-based materials and engineering technology branch (CCPA-UHPC branch for short) has also established a localized platform for UHPC Chinese communication, the CCPA-UHPC Forum. The first CCPA-UHPC Forum lasted 1 day and was held in Nanchang on June 30, 2019 (concurrently with the sixth “Jinggangshan Forum” of the ready-mixed concrete industry). The main purpose of the forum was to share UHPC knowledge and experience, to inspire creativity and innovation. , Discuss technical gaps and efforts. That is: learning and communicating with each other, discussing the performance, production, design, construction, and quality inspection of UHPC, exploring application ideas, innovations, and development directions, finding and determining technical or application difficulties or gaps, and using them as research and standardization work priorities and efforts Orientation, exploring how to scientifically establish China's UHPC technology system; publicize and popularize UHPC knowledge, and promote UHPC products, technologies, and applications.
Xu Yongmo, Chairman of China Concrete and Cement Products Association, addressed the opening ceremony of the first CCPA-UHPC Forum. He said that UHPC has broken through many limits of the properties and applications of cement-based materials, whether it is the composite of structural material components, the performance of cement-based materials themselves, the composite with fiber reinforced materials, or the "combination" with other structural materials, It should be said that they have opened a lot of development space and provided a lot of imagination for our innovators. At present, the application of UHPC in various projects is just the beginning. Once the performance and advantages of UHPC are recognized, it will soon form the climax of UHPC development and application. Hope that the development of UHPC starts from abroad, grows in China, and achieves in China!
China is on the way to growing UHPC. At the first CCPA-UHPC Forum, 12 experts, scholars, and enterprise technicians reported and introduced their understanding of UHPC, research, new product development, design, application, and engineering practices, and the preparation of design regulations. Situation, and discussed the problems encountered in the application of UHPC technology. Although the forum is brief, it can give a glimpse of the current status of UHPC technology and application in China, and look forward to future development.