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Shantai Interpretation for You——Six Features of GRC

Shantai Interpretation for You——Six Features of GRC

Dalian Taishan New Industrial Co., Ltd.
Dalian Taishan
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Shantai interprets the 6 advantages of GRC for you:
1.Infinite plasticity
GRC products are produced by mixing raw materials at a certain ratio and pouring them into a mold to produce products with rich shapes and various textures. According to the different needs of customers and designers, arbitrary artistic modeling can be performed to perfectly realize the designer's design dream.
2.Light weight and high strength
The bulk density of GRC is about 1.8-1.9, and the standard GRC board with a thickness of 8mm is only 15kg. The compressive strength exceeds 40Mpa and the bending strength exceeds 34Mpa, which greatly exceeds the international standard requirements.
3. Ultra-thin technology and large size
The thinnest GRC board can be 5mm, the standard width is 900mm and 1200mm, and the length is not limited. It can meet the transportation conditions. It can also be made from 5mm to any thickness and any size. Because after installation, due to its own gravity, the thicker the thickness, the lower the safety factor. Since the 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake, industry standards have stipulated that the thickness cannot be greater than 2.5 cm.
4. Rich colors and diverse shapes
GRC products use homogeneous and heart-shaped mineral raw materials, and can be made into various colors and different shapes of artistic effects according to customer needs.
5, good texture and texture
The surface of GRC products can be made into different texture effects such as sandblasted surface, litchi surface, smooth surface, etc., and can also be made into different texture effects such as strip shape, hollow out, and relief.
6, environmental protection, no radiation
GRC is a renewable material and is environmentally friendly. The raw material does not contain radioactive nuclear elements, and is a Class A environmentally-friendly material with national radionuclide content.