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Breaking Guinness World Records, Dubai 640 Sqm 3D Printed Two-Story Building

Breaking Guinness World Records, Dubai 640 Sqm 3D Printed Two-Story Building

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On November 11, 2019, the Dubai government launched a 640-square-meter 3D printed building project in Al Warsan, which is 9.5 meters high and was named the world's largest 3D printed two-story structure by the Guinness Book of Records.
This project was constructed by the Engineering Contractors Company (ECC). The 3D printed building is in line with the vision of the Dubai Future Foundation and represents efficient development. Dubai hopes to become a leading area for additive manufacturing by 2030.
"The strategy for innovative 3D printing technology in construction can effectively reduce construction costs and reduce the number of construction workers, which helps to solve the challenges brought about by demographic changes," said Dubai City Director-General Dawoud Al Hajri.
1.Architecture 3D printing in the UAE
Founded in 1954, Dubai City is one of the largest government agencies in the UAE. It participates in various planning, medical and environmental activities throughout the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
As Dubai Future Foundation states, "Dubai's 3D printing strategy aims to reduce labor by 70%, reduce costs by 90%, and reduce time by 80%." The city and the UAE are the world leaders in this field. Technical status.
Immensa Technology Labs, a company dedicated to advancing 3D printing throughout the UAE, is also aligned with this strategy. Last year, it applied for a patent for an additive manufacturing method that uses construction materials such as molded concrete to make patterns.
2. Green and efficient additive manufacturing
ECC is a quality services-oriented civil engineering and construction company in the UAE. Its subcontractors Abanos Interior Decoration and Carpentry, Prime Metal Industries (PMI) and Prime Ready Mix (PRM) have developed 3D printed building structures. According to ECC, the two-story building was built using an additive manufacturing 3D printer and locally sourced materials.
The two-story building uses 3D printed concrete walls to improve thermal insulation and reduce energy consumption. ECC Group affiliates have also been designated as subcontractors for the supply and installation of wooden doors, glass, and aluminum panels, as well as special concrete manufacturing.
Karim Farah, CEO of ECC, explained: "Challenging projects are the cornerstone of ECC and what we are truly famous in the construction market. We are proud of innovative, never-completed projects and do our best to execute project."