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What are the advantages of Shantai to introduce you to the GRC Rockery?

What are the advantages of Shantai to introduce you to the GRC Rockery?

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There are two types of cement rockeries we see in our daily life. One is the GRC rockery and the other is the cement straight rockery. Generally, it is based on the structural characteristics of the mountain and the soil quality of the mountain. Today we mainly introduce the advantages of the GRC rockery.
First, understand what is the GRC rockery?
GRC rockery is a kind of high-strength composite material formed by adding alkali-resistant glass fiber to low-alkali cement mortar. It is the abbreviation of glass fiber reinforced cement. Artificial rockery is a new way to create rockery art.
Second, what are the advantages of the GRC Rockery?
1. The texture of natural rock is highly simulated. The results show that the natural rock texture is realistic, with a hard and moist texture, and the simulation effect is good.
2. Based on the steel skeleton, the stability is very strong, it is possible to add carbon powder in the production process, mix various solid sands, and finally achieve a false effect.
3. In essence, the GRC rockery is lighter than the rock, which greatly reduces the bearing capacity of the object. Due to the structure of galvanized steel wire mesh, the hollow design greatly reduces the weight. Secondly, the GRC rockery is modular in cutting, which greatly reduces transportation costs and labor costs.
4. Its own materials are light in weight, high in strength, corrosion-resistant, anti-aging and water-resistant and moisture-proof. The factory can be modularized, simple in production, fast in speed and low in cost. It is widely used in parks, indoor buildings, roof gardens and other areas.
5.grc rockery design, good construction technology, plasticity, modeling needs special performance can be satisfied, processed into a variety of complex bodies, with plants, water features, etc., making the landscape more diverse and more expressive.
Taking the injection mechanical production method as an example, the following describes the process flow:
1, mold making
The molding material was selected according to the type of "stone" produced, the number of times the mold was used, and the working conditions on site. Common mold materials can be divided into soft molds (such as rubber molds, silicon molds, polyurethane molds, etc.) and hard molds (such as steel molds, aluminum molds, glass steel molds, glass steel molds, plaster molds, etc.), and natural rock should be selected during molding. The mold is made by the fact that the ruthenium is good for the part and the copying operation is convenient.
2, grc rockery production
The low alkali cement and the alkali-resistant glass fiber of a certain size are uniformly sprayed in a two-dimensional chaotic manner in the mold to form a solidification. During the injection process, the shot should be compacted while spraying and the iron piece should be embedded in the appropriate position.
3, the assembly of grc
The grc rockery components are assembled according to the design drawings, welded firmly, modified and stitched to make them seamless.
4, surface treatment
The grc rockery mainly makes the “stone” surface hydrophobic, produces a waterproof effect, and has a moisturizing feel of real stone.