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What is the difference between GRG and gypsum products?

What is the difference between GRG and gypsum products?

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Many people can't tell which are gypsum products and which are GRG products. They often confuse the two. Sometimes, when the owner buys gypsum products, some merchants recommend GRG, GRG and plaster lines also play a decorative role, which makes the owners do not know. How to choose, what is the difference between GRG and gypsum products?
1. What is GRG?
GRG is a glass fiber reinforced gypsum that can shape a variety of shapes and patterns. Architects who want to be personalized are more inclined to choose GRG, and GRG is a special modified fiber gypsum decoration material. The unique material structure is enough to resist the external environment. Damage, deformation and cracking.
2. What is gypsum product?
Gypsum products are house decoration materials mainly composed of gypsum and adding chemical components and substances such as fibers, binders and modifiers. It is made by mixing, pressing and drying. The main interior decoration, various patterns, practical and beautiful, with fire, moisture, insulation, sound insulation, heat insulation and other functions, can play a luxurious decorative effect.
3, the difference between grg and gypsum products:
1. High-strength GRG can be used as a large-scale gypsum product, including outdoor production. GRG gypsum is improved by additives to reduce the expansion ratio. Gypsum line is indoor, and general gypsum can be made.
2. The performance of the plaster line ceiling is very good, the stability is also very strong, and there will be no aging or mites. Gypsum line ceilings have many advantages and are widely used in home décor.
3. GRG lines are suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor decoration, it is a new green decorative material. It mainly uses polymer mortar to bond with the wall surface, which has long service life and firm bonding.
4. The cost of the plaster line ceiling is relatively low and is a good decorative material. The plaster line is easy to install and does not consume a lot of manpower and money.