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Shantai Interprets for You - Eight Characteristics of GRG Products

Shantai Interprets for You - Eight Characteristics of GRG Products

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GRG is a shorthand in English, the full name is GlassFiber Reinforced Gypsum, the Chinese name is pre-cast glass fiber reinforced gypsum molding. It can produce a variety of functional products and a variety of artistic styles, and the arbitrariness of its creative style has become the first choice for various architectural art expressions.
No deformation: Because GRG main material gypsum has no corrosive effect on glass fiber, and the dry and wet shrinkage rate is less than 0.01%, it can be determined that the product performance is stable, durable and long service life.
Light weight: The weight of the 10mm GRG plate is about 22kg, which can reduce the weight of the main building and the load of the components.
High strength and stable performance: The product has high strength and the GRG product with a thickness of 22mm exceeds the national standard of the breaking load strength of the decorative gypsum board by 10 times.
The processed GRG product has a low coefficient of thermal expansion and does not deform, sag or swell due to changes in ambient temperature and humidity.
1 Strong plasticity: GRG products adopt special pre-casting processing technology, and have flexible and flexible plastic properties due to their own resistance to bending and stretching.
2 will breathe = moisture: GRG plate is a plate with a large number of microporous structure, in the natural environment, the porous body can absorb or release moisture.
3 Fire protection: GRG material belongs to Class A1 fireproof material. In addition to being flame retardant, it can release 15%-20% of its own weight, which can greatly reduce the temperature of the fire surface and reduce fire damage.
4 Environmental protection: GRG products have no odor, and the radionuclide limit meets the standards of Class A decorative materials stipulated by the national standard, and belongs to green environmental protection materials.
5 Acoustic effect is good: The test shows that GRG's air-drying specific gravity is 1.75, which meets the requirements of professional acoustic reflection. It can form a good sound absorption structure and achieve the function of sound insulation and sound absorption.
6 Short processing cycle: GRG product takes only one hour to remove film, and special drying time takes only 4-8 hours, which can greatly shorten the production and processing cycle.
7 Convenient installation and installation: GRG products can be hoisted and spliced ​​on site, with good processing performance, quick and flexible installation, and seamlessly and densely stitched over a large area to form the final perfect decorative effect.
 8 material surface decoration effect: GRG products surface is delicate and smooth, can be effectively combined with various coatings and other veneer materials (wood, fabric, etc.).