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GRC curtain wall panel - an indispensable embellishment for modern architecture

GRC curtain wall panel - an indispensable embellishment for modern architecture

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In recent years, with the rapid development of social development, people's pursuit of life is getting higher and higher, especially for architectural beauty, the current architectural decoration design has become a hot spot of concern. As a new material for this new exterior wall decoration, GRC building components have the advantages of small output, high compressive strength, strong resistance to freeze-thaw cycles, strong ductility, rich decorative design, etc., which are commonly used for building exterior decoration, old Room renovation, wall design slot plate, garden landscape with scenery. The elegant and elegant sense of Chinese architecture, the GRC curtain wall panel is still indispensable. So, what is the wonderful effect of the GRC curtain wall panel, which can make the building shine.
The key of GRC curtain wall panel is to use imported concrete and quartz sand to carry out composite anchor spray production and processing, and to make the appearance of molding in the special building. Therefore, when used as a new material installed on the surface of the building, It can highlight the beautiful lines of the arc-slot installation and achieve the overall flexibility of the building.
In fact, the GRC curtain wall panel can also be combined with laminated glass to create a curtain wall, to produce reasonable impact resistance and shelter from wind, and to use arc-shaped GRC panels to find strong winds and solve the strong resistance of the wind. At the same time, it is also possible to combine the hollow carving design with the glass curtain wall in the building operation to block the wind speed, so as to better maintain the exterior wall of the glass curtain wall.
Of course, GRC curtain wall panels have other effects in the building. For example, the appearance of the building can realize all kinds of imaginations, and the large-scale design can be used to decorate the surface of each building. It can also be used to embody marble and add color to carry out the obvious main architectural theme style.
In other words, it has good characteristics, lightweight concrete, no cracking, anti-ultraviolet light, good color, and can be applied to the installation of various curtain wall small pendants. It is a high-quality product of modern and contemporary architecture. In the future, the GRC curtain wall panels will shine in the construction industry, and people will wait for it!