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 Five features of high performance GRC curtain wall panels

 Five features of high performance GRC curtain wall panels

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The GRC curtain wall panel is a glass fiber reinforced cement board which is made of Portland cement as a gel material and alkali-resistant glass fiber yarn as a reinforcing material, which is pressed by mechanical spraying or automatic running water. GRC curtain wall panel has the advantages of high strength, light weight, environmental protection, strong acid and alkali resistance, good artistic texture and simpleness, especially in terms of energy saving, safety performance and decorative effect, it is far superior to other decorative wall materials. The preferred material for curtain walls that is widely used around the world.
First, the characteristics of high performance GRC curtain wall panels
High-performance GRC curtain wall panels made of composite layers of special decorative layers, high-performance GRC layers, GRC ribs or steel frames. The product not only overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional GRC products which are easy to crack and deform, but also has a unique self-decorating effect and precise shape and geometrical dimensions. It is a new high-grade curtain wall comparable to stone, glass and other curtain walls.
1, modeling
The high-performance GRC curtain wall panel adopts advanced manufacturing technology and has excellent mold-changeability. It can create architectural products with different styles and cultural characteristics, providing an ideal curtain wall material for the development of personalized buildings. This feature of the Wuhan Xinhai Revolution Museum is very obvious.
2, the format
The high-performance GRC curtain wall panel adopts unique manufacturing technology and scientific and reasonable structural structure and connection design, which can meet the design requirements of larger specifications and sizes, and the board width can reach more than 20m2. Large single-piece GRC curtain wall panels, the more standard installation is generally directly hoisted and mounted by the crane.
3, the veneer
High-performance GRC curtain wall panels are made with a variety of self-decorating effects such as traditional clear water, colored water and imitation stone, imitation wood grain, etc. through unique manufacturing techniques. Among them, the traditional clear water curtain wall can display a variety of clear water effects such as spot, ice and cloud, which can show more natural, richer and fuller water decoration than ordinary water-concrete concrete. It is a color clear water curtain wall board. Compared with the traditional water curtain wall, it has richer colors and can greatly expand the application range of fair-faced concrete.
4, on the material
High-performance GRC curtain wall panels use a large number of new materials and new technologies in the field of cement and concrete, which completely solves the long-standing problems such as cracking and deformation of traditional GRC products, and greatly improves the strength of materials. Density and durability. (Physical performance is twice as high as the traditional index)
5, the construction
The use of precision embedded pre-embedded connectors, or the use of structural steel frame back frame in the production of large-size high-performance GRC decorative curtain wall, can adapt to thermal deformation or dry and wet deformation inside and outside the board, eliminate local stress concentration, and can withstand wind loads, Self-weight and seismic loads, and transfer the load to the building system, with the characteristics of reinforced concrete structure safety.