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 Color GRC top ten performance characteristics

 Color GRC top ten performance characteristics

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What is color GRC? Color grc is made by adding pigments, colored aggregates and admixtures to GRC ingredients, and specific manufacturing processes. Its outstanding features are good tensile and flexural strength, and Good toughness, especially suitable for making decorative shapes and buildings used to express strong texture. Can be widely used in GRC decorative columns, GRC decorative lines, GRC tiger windows, GRC girders (bucket arches), GRC door and window covers, as well as railings, line legs, column piers, mountain flowers, relief shapes and other large decorative components.
Color grc performance characteristics:
1. Infinite plasticity
GRC products are made by mixing raw materials in a certain ratio and pouring them in a mold to produce products with rich shapes and various textures. According to the different needs of customers and designers, any artistic style can be carried out to perfectly realize the designer's design dream.
2, light weight, high strength
GRC has a bulk density of about 1.8-1.9. The 8mm thick standard GRC board weighs only 15kg, the compressive strength exceeds 40Mpa, and the flexural strength exceeds 34Mpa, which greatly exceeds the international standard.
3, ultra-thin technology, large size
The GRC board can be as thin as 5mm, standard width is 900mm and 1200mm, the length is not limited, it can meet the transportation conditions, and can be made into 5mm to any thickness and any size.
4, rich colors, diverse shapes
GRC products use homogenous and transparent mineral raw materials, which can be made into various artistic effects of different colors and different shapes according to customers' needs.
5, good texture, more texture
The surface of GRC products can be made into different texture effects such as sandblasting surface, litchi surface and smooth surface, and can also be made into different texture effects such as strip shape, hollowing out and relief.
6, environmental protection, no radiation
GRC is a renewable material that is environmentally friendly. The raw materials do not contain radioactive nuclear elements and are classified as Class A environmentally friendly materials for national radionuclide content.
7, fire, waterproof
The GRC raw materials are all non-combustible materials and have been tested as A1 fireproof materials. Long-term immersion in water, the shape and safety factor of GRC materials change little, and the structure and properties do not change.
8, anti-fouling, no deformation, super durable
GRC material has a dry-wet deformation of less than 0.123%. After a large number of experiments, GRC has excellent durability, is not afraid of ultraviolet radiation, and can withstand wind, sun and rain, and weather resistance is much higher than general building materials.
9, sound insulation, good shock resistance
According to the thickness of the GRC material and the surface treatment, good sound insulation and sound absorption can be achieved. In addition, its light weight and high strength are more resistant to earthquake shocks than other materials.
10, short construction period, easy maintenance, easy replacement
GRC can be divided into large sections, and the installation method is simple and diverse, and all of them are prefabricated by the factory, which is conducive to on-site construction and greatly shortens the construction period.