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Talking about GRC Material and Construction Technology

Talking about GRC Material and Construction Technology

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Speaking of GRC, I believe everyone knows that it is a new type of decorative material. It is not only waterproof, environmentally friendly, but also can be made into any shape, light weight, high strength, non-combustible, and can play a role in regulating the indoor ambient temperature. Has reached a comfortable living environment. Very popular with everyone. GRC decoration can be very effective because it has glass fiber reinforcement, so it also has excellent bending, shearing and impact properties. Today, Xiaobian introduces the construction principle of GRC.
1. Before the construction of GRC, it should be measured by the site, use the computer to help plan to create the space mold, set the assembly breakpoint of the set board, and feed correctly; determine the control point and vertical offset point of the joint roof to facilitate the actual measurement. And construction control;
2. The fastening points of the space transfer layer are civilized. The wire and tooth hangers should be deployed fairly, and the force can be evenly applied on the top plate. At the same time, the elevation and position of the component are used to control the assembly of the GRC board.
3. The position of the preset control point should be measured and controlled by the total station and the level gauge, and the control point should be used to calibrate the assembly accuracy of the ceiling by using the photoelectric measuring instrument;
4. The joints of the ceiling should be treated with gypsum and anti-cracking fiber mixed sealant of the same material as the ceiling to ensure the crack resistance at the joint of the ceiling.
5. In order to better complete the construction requirements of GRC, attention must be paid to the construction process and operation points of the GRC board.