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 How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of GRC components?

 How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of GRC components?

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GFRC is also referred to as GRC in China. In recent years, the style of a European-style building has spread all over the country. Due to its unique performance, GRC has become the best material for European-style buildings. Many GRC components are in full swing. However, as a newly emerging emerging industry, it is still in the quagmire of disorderly competition. In areas where the demand for European-style houses such as Shanghai, Beijing and Guangdong is increasing, the number of GRC component manufacturers has grown to hundreds. Some manufacturers have two iron shovel markets and tens of thousands of small workshops. Don’t talk about enterprise standards and construction qualifications. Even what is called GRC is not clear, and began to engage in projects, blind investment, resulting in excessive competition, vicious competition, resulting in cutting corners, shoddy, shrinking services, and disputes. Only a small number of production companies can follow the domestic relevant product standards or international GRC quality standards as the enterprise standards, and most of the production companies have no product standards at all. What's more, there is no standard at all, some users are against GRC. Little is known about the use of glass fiber for the main reinforcing material in GRC products. Alkali-resistant glass fiber must be used according to regulations, and some companies use high, medium or alkali-free fiberglass mesh in their products to reduce costs. Non-alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh cloth such as cloth, although the initial performance of the product can meet the standard requirements, but the late failure is serious, under some conditions, it can be exhausted by 90% within 10 months. The State Economic and Trade Commission has twice ordered the elimination of high-alkali glass fiber mesh fabrics produced from broken glass. The reason why there are more and more restrictions is mainly because of the temptation of fraudulent profits, because the raw material cost of the products is only alkali-resistant products. 1/20 of the raw materials, and the products produced by the non-alkali-resistant glass fiber are all unqualified products.
In addition, alkali-resistant glass fiber is used as a reinforcing material in GRC products, but it is also the most important material cost in GRC products. The content of the material determines the physical properties of GRC products, and the content of 4.8%~5.2% is the theoretical best value. In order to save costs, many domestic manufacturers have less than 1% of their content, and some even use steel bars to enhance them. What is the GRC? What are the standards? From the perspective of many companies, most of them are “rough” "Workshop-style management, through the quality of the "hands and feet" to engage in low-cost competition, deceive users, bring great hidden dangers to the quality of construction projects, these inferior components began to fall off after one or two years of installation, resulting in losses and The adverse effects are definitely not compensated by the original spread. Many users do not know the inside story, only from the apparent evaluation of products, from the price of the choice of the producer, the result is the purchase of the gold jade table, the three products without smashing, the installation of the building is a bomb. Similarly, the installation quality of some components is also worrying, the construction team is not qualified, and the installation process is not standardized. In some places, the use of cork bolts to install the external wall components, the construction of the damage to pedestrians has occurred. At the time of bidding, if the owner does not pay attention to the agent, the general contractor will take the price difference, often the price is light and the quality, the construction project quality life responsibility system is set aside, the product is often cracked, crisp, and off Skin and shedding, the quality hazards of which are soon exposed.