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What is a unitized curtain wall and a half-unit curtain wall

What is a unitized curtain wall and a half-unit curtain wall

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The unit glass curtain wall is a combination of aluminum alloy frame, glass, spacer, insulation material, shock absorption and waterproof material and decorative fabrics in the factory into a curtain wall unit with additional iron parts, which is transported to the construction by a special transport vehicle. After the scene, the erection and assembly on the site, directly connected to the glass curtain wall of the building structure.
The structural form of the unitized glass curtain wall is characterized in that the unit (frame material, glass, thermal insulation material) constituting the glass curtain wall is first assembled into a complete frame in the factory and then transported to the construction site. At the construction site, only one curtain wall unit needs to be installed and fixed on the main structure of the building.
The semi-unit curtain wall is a frame in which a vertical frame or a vertical frame and a horizontal beam are first installed on the main structure, and the vertical frame and the adjacent vertical frame are inserted, and the combined rod is formed by inserting. The unit assembly (decorative panel) is then fixed to the mullion or beam.
Generally, there are two structural forms: one is that the mullion is first installed on the main structure, the vertical material is equipped with a device for hanging the plate, the beam and the panel material are composed of unit plates, and the plate is attached to the vertical material.
The vertical joint is on the mullion, and the upper and lower unit plates are used to insert the seams in the transverse direction, and the joint processing is performed to form a whole curtain wall. The other is that the mullion and the beam form a frame, which is fixed on the main structure, and the panel constitutes an independent small plate, which is attached to the frame.
The vertical joints are on the mullion, the transverse joints are on the beams, and the joints are treated to form a whole curtain wall.