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 Shantai Company explains the production and installation of GRC products for you.

 Shantai Company explains the production and installation of GRC products for you.

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Since its entry into China in the 1990s, grc has been widely used in construction due to its characteristics of easy molding, decoration, compression and anti-aging. Its appearance has made the building's silence a life, not some unspeakable language in the building. Smooth lines are like strings to play. The pattern on the line is like every note. It is meticulously crafted, embodying the connotation of each building, portraying the soul of the small scene in the courtyard, and highlighting the momentum of the thick and thin Roman columns. With the integration of Chinese and Western ideas in domestic designers, grc has been used to create products with Chinese elements and gradually applied to life
The quality and quantity of GRC products are related to the progress and plan of the entire project. Production schedules should be aware of plans that are disrupted by changes, which makes production more difficult. Reasonable deployment can avoid complicated molds to keep up with production and affect the construction period. Qualified GRC products must first use high quality materials: low alkalinity slag cement, river sand, alkali resistant glass fiber mesh (fiber), 8 mm diameter galvanized steel.
At present, the production steps of most manufacturers are: uniformly mixing cement and river sand, not too thin or thick, and adjusting the spray gun properly. The first spray thickness is uniform, and the honeycomb surface is not formed on the surface of the product. Spray twice and spray after spraying. After the warp and weft reinforcement is placed smoothly, a fiberglass mesh cloth is laid. In order to improve the robustness and stability of the product, secondary spraying should be carried out. At this point, you should pay attention to the intersection of the steel bars to be sprayed in place. Partially spray several times. Use a gray knife to evenly smooth the cement before the sweat, and keep the thickness between 12 and 15 mm. After the cement is solidified, it is taken out from the mold and immediately trimmed and ground. After being placed, the platform can be moved for maintenance to avoid deformation. In order to increase the compressive strength of the product and extend the life of the product, it must be regularly maintained.
With the financial support of powerful manufacturers and foreign manufacturers, the introduction of large equipment and high-quality raw materials provides the basis for the production of higher quality GRC materials. The production of GRC can basically meet the test pressure resistance standard without glass fiber mesh cloth and pre-embedded steel bar. The bending strength of the product can reach 25MPa, the impact strength reaches 10-25KJ/m2, and the bulk density of GRC is about 1.8-1.9. The 8mm thick standard GRC board weighs only 15kg, the compressive strength exceeds 40Mpa, and the flexural strength exceeds 34Mpa, which greatly exceeds the international standard. The glass fiber yarn and the cement are uniformly sprayed in the mold, and the special drum is rolled and smoothed, and the solidification molding die is added, which is easy to install.
The production of other EPS, sandstone and artificial stone is similar, but the materials used are different and the principle is the same. Sandstone and artificial stone should be kept to a thickness of 30mm without reinforcement and fiberglass. The sand should be chosen evenly and evenly. Different pigments should be arranged according to different requirements to produce various products.
The quality and progress of the installation project is related to the use plan of the project funds. Before installation, relevant departments and personnel should submit technical submissions in advance, arrange according to actual conditions, and use flexibly to avoid unclear interpretation of the quality of installation. The edge line of the balcony sill must be reserved for the mortar paste space, so the height is adjusted according to the actual processing on site, but the overall horizontal position cannot be changed too much. The recess of the waistline should be cut at the same time. The distance between the top of the vertical line of the door and the window should not exceed the width of the bottom of the horizontal line. The stigma of the Roman column should not exceed the width of the bottom of the eaves. The overall shape of many building bodies is very good, but the improper handling of the eaves and waistline at the closing point left a bad pen, just like the sudden break of the string when the piano was played and suddenly stopped, destroying the elegance of the audience.
The installed GRC requires repairing the weld and cutting position, repairing the flat belt and pasting the crack guard to avoid the appearance of cracks during use. Welded parts should be coated with anti-corrosive paint to avoid long-term exposure to air and affect service life.