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What is the impact of different GRG molds on the production of GRG components?

What is the impact of different GRG molds on the production of GRG components?

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What is the impact of different GRG molds on the production of GRG components?
GRG products are pre-cast gypsum products that are laminated or sprayed on the mold. The formation of GRG depends on the mold. It can be said that the production of high quality molds is a necessary condition for product quality. The production of mold products must be highly consistent with the designer's solution. It is possible to produce GRG products with designer-designed drawings.
The GRG product is made of GRG special gypsum ultrafine grain gypsum (modified gypsum) and is prefabricated with special continuous rigid reinforced glass fiber and special additives developed by GRG. Lamination on the mold using a special process, the comprehensive performance meets British quality standards. GRG products are new prefabricated decorative materials made of high-density gypsum powder, reinforced glass fiber and some trace environmental additives. The surface of FRP products is smooth and white, the surface of the material is smooth and fine, and the whiteness is over 90%. It can be well combined with various coatings and finishing materials.
The production of mold materials mainly uses wood, silica gel, glass fiber reinforced plastic, foam, etc., and various modes have different applications and applications.
The foam mold is mainly produced by a five-axis CNC machining center. Suitable for shaped plates with complex shapes.
The wood mold is suitable for some regular shapes. The silicone mold made by the woodworking group is mainly used for the complex and large number of plates.
Glass fiber reinforced plastic molds are mainly used in the production of GRG and can be reused. With advanced CNC machining center, it can realize the complex modeling of CNC engraving, 2D and 3D, and can be produced; the production process is fully automatic, the mold quality is stable; the mechanical production has high precision, high reliability, good product quality, and architect's The advantages of electronic molds; the consistency of mold products is not affected by the technical quality of technicians; the production efficiency is high, the production capacity is stable, and the construction period can be effectively guaranteed.