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What causes the cracking of GRC cement fiberboard? How to solve?

What causes the cracking of GRC cement fiberboard? How to solve?

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GRC cement fiberboard is a kind of decorative building materials. During the construction, there will be cracks and cracks in the GRC cement fiberboard. The cracks not only affect the appearance, but also have potential safety hazards. What causes the cracks in the GRC cement fiberboard? Solve the cracks in GRC cement fiberboard?
First, the cause of cracks in GRC cement fiberboard:
Cracks in GRC cement fiberboard are a frequent problem in home decoration. After thousands of installations, experts have concluded the causes of cracks in five GRC cement fiberboards.
1. There is a crack in the insulation layer of the original room, and the wall surface is cracked after decoration;
2. The repairing and painting of the wall after trenching is improper, causing the wall to shrink and crack.
3. When plastering, the amount of cement is not accurate, and it is easy to crack.
4, the proportion of wall putty is not suitable or uneven scratches;
5. Improper ratio of latex paint to water will cause cracking of the wall.
Second, the solution
These issues should be noted in the construction of GRC cement fiberboard walls.
The first is the ratio of cement to sand. The ratio is 1:3, and the incorrect ratio will affect the toughness and tension of the wall. The other is to find the ratio of putty and latex paint. When applying latex paint, adding water can cause many problems. The circuit transformation should begin with the woodworking foundation. Since the time required for repair after grooving, the drying speed and shrinkage rate of the cement mortar are different from the drying speed and shrinkage rate of the putty powder.
After a repair, shrinkage will occur, and when the wall surface is repaired, a secondary repair will be performed to make the wall flat. Avoid cracking. In the case of cracks in colored wall paints, some of the repairs are often not good, because the colored wall paint will be painted again and there will be significant chromatic aberration. If the insulation board is broken, use a putty knife to cut the crack as deep as possible, fill in the plaster, pay attention to the filling, fill it evenly, then stick the cracked area with a bandage bean cloth or white cloth, and scrape the putty or other processing after drying. . If the crack is serious, you can also use kraft paper or newspaper to make up the seam, the effect is better.