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Spring returns to the earth and all things revive. The first National UHPC Technology Development and Innovation Application Conference sponsored by the China Concrete and Cement Products Association Ultra-High Performance Cement-based Materials and Engineering Technology Branch (CCPA-UHPC Branch) was held in Foshan on March 3, with the theme of "New standards, new technologies, new applications to promote new development, UHPC build a beautiful China".



Xu Yongmo, former President of China Concrete and Cement Products Association; Zhang Guozhi, Executive chairman of CCPA-UHPC Branch; Zhang Guozhi, Deputy Chief Engineer of CCCC Second Shipping Engineering Bureau Co., LTD.; Chen Guanxiong, Technical Consultant of Guangdong Provincial Department of Transport and Director of Expert Committee of Guangdong Provincial Highway Society; Xu Tianping, Chairman of Guangdong Civil Construction Society; Long Yuhang, Deputy Secretary General of Guangdong Municipal Industry Association, Sun Xiangdong, Chief engineer of Guangdong Transportation Planning and Design Institute Group Co., LTD., Yan Xingwu, Executive director of Arbo Portland (Anqing) Co., LTD., Ji Xiankun, Chief engineer of Wuhan Yuanjin Building Materials Technology Co., LTD., Chairman of China Casting Holding Group PI Bingzhe and other association leaders, guests of support units, leaders of special co-organizers, Representatives from Guangdong Gatqi New Material Technology Co., LTD., Zhejiang Hongritai Nike New Material Technology Co., LTD., Xuzhou Liebherr Concrete Machinery Co., LTD., Hunan Zhongcast Ultra High Performance New Composite Material Technology Research Institute, Yutian Zhitai Steel Fiber Manufacturing Co., LTD., Zhuhai Shantai Innovative Material Technology Co., LTD., Zhonglu New Material (Guangzhou) Technology Co., LTD More than 600 experts, scholars, entrepreneurs and technicians from design units, construction units, raw material and equipment enterprises, product enterprises, scientific research institutes and universities from more than 20 provinces and autonomous regions participated in the meeting.




◆ Grand opening

As a representative of the support unit of the conference, Chen Guanxiong, technical advisor of Guangdong Provincial Department of Transport and director of the Expert Committee of Guangdong Provincial Highway Society, was invited to attend the opening ceremony. He said in his speech that UHPC, as a popular new building material in China and even the world, has been applied on a large scale in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta regions. From the first application of STC bridge pavement project in Zhaoqing Mahfang Bridge in 2011, to the largest application of the main structure of the bridge in China, to the world's largest span of the Torch 3# bridge, Guangdong Province has been at the forefront of the application of new materials and new technologies. As a practitioner in the field of transportation, he is well aware of the tremendous driving force of material change for the development of the industry, and also understands the vital importance of scientific research to support the development of the industry. The development of the industry requires the joint efforts of universities, design, construction, testing and other parties, and at the same time, it also needs a platform to promote everyone's communication. He believes that the UHPC industry Conference is the first platform in China to provide exchanges for design institutes, research institutions, industrial suppliers and construction enterprises, which has a positive promoting significance for the research and application development of UHPC. I hope that this conference will benefit all my colleagues, and I hope that practitioners in the engineering industry will take this opportunity to exchange views.



In his opening speech, Xu Yongmo, former president of China Concrete and Cement Products Association, first thanked the expert representatives for exchanging their innovative achievements at the UHPC industry Conference. He proposed and expected that although UHPC originated in Europe, it must be developed in China, which is the mission and responsibility of China's concrete materials and engineering technicians, and China should make recognized contributions to the innovation and development of concrete materials science and engineering technology. At present, the domestic high performance concrete materials provide two technical routes for the high-strength lightweight building structure: one is the high-strength lightweight aggregate concrete, which is the high-strength lightweight concrete; One is UHPC, which has ultra-high strength compressive and flexural properties, and solves the problem of excessive volume of concrete structures through ultra-high strength and lightweight. He believes that the innovative development of UHPC materials is far from over and still faces many challenges. In terms of engineering applications, China's huge construction projects provide trial and error and iteration opportunities for the innovative development of UHPC, and more "first" and "largest" UHPC engineering applications will be produced in China in the future. The development of UHPC will continue to face new problems and continue to achieve new developments, such as the innovation of engineering construction pouring technology, the application of ultra-high and ultra-large structures of wind power mixing towers of 160 meters and above, the construction of Marine cities, and ultra-large prefabricated fast-loading seawater floating structures. He believes that the conference opening today is a big review of the innovation and development of UHPC materials and engineering technology in China in recent years, and hopes that in the field of UHPC materials and engineering technology, we should follow to lead the development, and innovative brands built in China and made in China continue to emerge in the field of UHPC.



◆ Keynote Report ◆

On the morning of March 3, five experts were invited to deliver keynote reports.

Professor Shao Xudong, Director of the Institute of Bridge Engineering, Hunan University, gave a presentation entitled "The Underlying logic, Standardization and Guangdong Exploration of UHPC Bridge Research and Development".


Huang Zhengyu, professor of Hunan University and chairman of Hunan Solid Engineering New Materials Company, gave a report entitled "Rethinking the Development and Innovation of UHPC".


Bai Qi 'an, Dean of the Building Curtain Wall Design Branch of the Architectural Design and Research Institute of Zhejiang University, gave a report titled "UHPC in the field of curtain wall status and future".


Sun Zhou, director of the Architectural Curtain Design Consulting Center of China Architectural Design and Research Institute, gave a report titled "Concrete structure Concrete construction - the skin of prefabricated elegant buildings".


Sun Xiangdong, Chief engineer of Guangdong Transportation Planning and Design Institute, delivered a report titled "UHPC Beam Bridge Research and Engineering Application Practice".


◆ Special Report ◆

On the afternoon of March 3, nine experts made special reports from different angles.

Fan Jiansheng, professor of the Department of Civil Engineering and Director of the Institute of Structural Engineering, Tsinghua University, gave a presentation entitled "Progress in the research and application of UHPC Structures in Housing Construction".


Wang Hongbo, deputy chief engineer of Shandong Transportation Planning and Design Institute, presented a report titled "Application of Ultra-high performance Concrete (UHPC) in the Yellow River Bridge of Xuanlin Highway".


Xu Dapeng, Deputy Chief engineer of Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute, presented a report titled "Discussion on the application of UHPC in prefabricated water treatment Engineering".


Ji Xiankun, chief engineer of Wuhan Yuanjin Building Materials Technology Co., LTD., report title "Research on shrinkage control technology of Ultra-high performance concrete".


Shao Xiaodong, deputy general manager and chief engineer of Zhejiang Hongri Nike New Material Technology Company, report title "Discussion on UHPC product delivery standards".


Tian Yueqiang, chief engineer of Zhonglu New Material (Guangzhou) Technology Co., LTD., gave a report titled "Application of Ultra-high performance concrete in the reconstruction of new structures and old Bridges".


Zhang Jun, Special Project Sales and Product Director of Xuzhou Liebherr Concrete Machinery Co., LTD., gave a presentation titled "Research on Mixing and dispersing Characteristics of Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC)".


Hui Chao, Director and Vice President of Zhongzhu Holding Group, report title "Zhongzhu Holding SIID - UHPC Industry Convergence Drive".


Wang Hongsheng, technical consulting engineer of UHPC of Arbo Portland (Anqing) Co., LTD., presented a report entitled "New Generation of sustainable Ultra-high performance concrete and its Application".


◆ "Tribute to Bach" theme activity ◆

Mr. Bach is the inventor of ultra-high performance concrete and the founder of engineering application, the academic and industrial circles do not know much about Mr. Bach's pioneering work, up to now, his theory and concept are still not out of date, and still have a good guiding role and reference value for us to broaden our vision and explore future development. With the support and assistance of Arbophor (Anqing) Co., LTD., and with the permission of the Sustainability and R&D Center of Samet Group - the unit where Bach used to work, the conference specially planned and organized the theme of "Tribute to Bach". Professor Lu Xinying of Tsinghua University and Secretary General Zhao Jun of CCPA-UHPC Branch spent a lot of time and energy. The precious technical data "Ny Beton-NY Teknologi" left by Mr. Bach was translated into Chinese "New Concrete - New Technology" as the technical data of this conference.



Mr. Bendt Aarup, R&D Manager, Hi-Con Group, Denmark; Ms. Trine Staanum, Head of R&D, Samment Group; Mr. Peter Buitelaar, Technical Consultant, UHPC, Netherlands; Eugen, Federal Polytechnic University, Lausanne, Switzerland Professor Bruhwiler and four other experts recorded a wonderful video for the commemoration.





Li Zhiling, deputy Secretary-General of CCPA and director of the Center for International Cooperation, hosted the "Tribute to Bach" theme event.


The opening ceremony of the conference and the full day technical report were presided over by CCPA-UHPC Chapter Secretary-General Zhao Jun, Professor Wu Xiangguo of Harbin Institute of Technology, Professor Huang Zhengyu and Professor Fang Zhi of Hunan University.