Safe production builds safety

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In order to further strengthen employees' safety production awareness, actively create a safety production atmosphere, and build a safe production line of defense, according to the unified deployment of the Office of the Safety Committee of the State Council and the Emergency Management Department, Shantai Group has recently adhered to the principle of "obeying the safety production law and being the first The theme of "responsible person" is to carry out a series of activities of "safety production month" in depth to build a firm line of defense for enterprise safety production. 



The group company has established a leading organization for the "Safety Production Month" activity, responsible for organizing, supervising, inspecting, and coordinating the "Safety Production Month" activities, formulating the content and plans of the activities, so as to be organized, have leadership, and carry out the "Safety Production Month" in an orderly manner series of activities.



On the afternoon of June 30, the company organized various departments and workshop managers to hold a safety production work meeting and a safety production month launch meeting. At the meeting, Mr. Lai, the leader of the safety production month activity team, made specific work requirements and deployments, mobilized all cadres and workers to actively participate in the "safety month" activities organized by the company, and strived to improve employees' safety production awareness and safety operation level.  



Safe production is more important than Mount Tai, and it is the obligation of each of us to pay attention to safety, and it is the responsibility of each of us! This year's "Safe Production Month" activity has been highly valued by the company's leaders and strongly supported by all employees. All departments and workshops have earnestly carried out various safety production activities around the theme of "obeying the safety production law and being the first responsible person". Activities such as publicity and education, hidden danger investigation and management, and emergency drills have enhanced the safety awareness of all employees and the ability to prevent and deal with accidents, strengthened the safety culture construction of grassroots teams, further consolidated the basic safety management work, and contributed to the continuous and stable development of the company's safe production. Operation provides a solid guarantee. 



Through the safety month series of activities, it not only effectively tested the feasibility of Shantai Group's emergency plan, but also further enhanced the safety awareness of our employees and the ability to deal with emergencies. Shantai Group will continue to promote safety production work, achieve monthly promotion, eliminate all kinds of safety accidents, and lay a solid foundation for the stable development of the company's production and operation.