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On the afternoon of March 3, 2022, in the report hall of the Beijing Institute of Architectural Design and Research, a smart and light · built with you - National Convention Center Phase II technical exchange meeting (facade and curtain wall) was held. The meeting was hosted by the Quality Center of the Beijing Institute of Architectural Design Hosted by our company, our company was invited to participate. Huang Qingshan, the dean of the Design Institute of the Group, made a wonderful sharing on the spot.  



▲Technical exchange meeting site  



▲On-site theme sharing-Huang Qingshan of Shantai Group  



▲Guest interactive salon 



The second phase of the China National Convention Center is located in the Olympic Center District, Chaoyang District, Beijing, on the north side of the China National Convention Center. The land area starts from Datun Road in the south, Kehui South Road in the north, Tianchen East Road in the east, and Tianchen West Road in the west. The building height is 51.85 meters, the building length is 458 meters, the building width is 148 meters, and the total construction land area is about 92626.94 square meters.  

During the Winter Olympics, it will undertake the function of the main media center (MMC) in the Beijing competition area, and it is expected to provide 24-hour support and service guarantee for more than 12,000 registered media and broadcasters. The project design follows the concept of sustainable development, coordinates the service functions during the game and the exhibition function after the game, and realizes frugal and green games to the greatest extent.  





In order to implement the Olympic Games in a frugal manner, the International Broadcasting Center (IBC) and the Main Press Center (MPC) were integrated for the first time in the history of the Olympic Games, and the Main Media Center (MMC) of the Beijing Winter Olympics was born. The main media center has become the headquarters of registered print media and broadcasters, as well as the official information release center of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, the International Olympic Committee and the Olympic Committees of various countries (regions).  



The design team of Beijing Institute of Architecture also made full use of the existing space of the venue in consideration of the functional requirements during the game. The large-space exhibition hall serves as an international broadcast center, and the work area of ​​broadcasters can be flexibly arranged. The exhibition hall on the second basement floor and the south area above the second floor are used as the main news center, and a media office area is temporarily set up to minimize the workload of demolition and reconstruction after the game.  


The second phase of the China National Convention Center is located on the north side of the first phase, and the two buildings echo "harmony but difference". The architectural design concept of the second phase is "Kunpeng spreads its wings", and the overhanging and far-reaching eaves form a beautiful curve, showing the characteristics of traditional Chinese architectural culture.  



The exterior curtain wall of the building adopts the unique "birds" modeling intention, which is vividly called "bird curtain wall". The east, south, and north facades of the main building are composed of special curtain wall units——"bird window"-shaped metal and glass curtain walls. 2,376 curtain wall units are connected to form a surface, just like a group of light birds, highlighting the harmony between architecture and nature. lively rhythm.






At the beginning of the project design, the design team fully applied the forward technology of building information modeling (BIM) to plan the functions during and after the game in advance to avoid wasting space. 




Interior wall GRG 

The interior wall of the project is Shantai GRG slab. GRG is called Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum in Chinese. It is made of high-strength Alpha gypsum powder (high-quality high-density crystalline compound) + trace environmental protection additives and water + glass fiber It is a new type of decoration material for buildings. The product itself does not contain any organic ingredients, and is a green, safe and environmentally friendly material. 


The combinations of facade lines are interdependent and form a unique rhythmic beauty. The horizontal lines are stretched and arranged to dominate the order of the facade, and the hollowed-out windows divide the rhythm of layers, giving the building a sense of agility and lightness, and together depicting the shape of the facade of flying birds. At the same time, the relationship between the left and right of the building also presents a flexible asymmetric composition, combining modern facade composition with classic proportions, fully interpreting modernist architectural aesthetics.



After the Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics, the construction of the second phase of the China National Convention Center will continue and is expected to be completed by the end of 2023. After completion, the main building of the project and its supporting hotels, office buildings and businesses will form a convention and exhibition complex with a total scale of more than 1.3 million square meters with the first phase of the adjacent National Convention Center, meeting high-end government affairs activities, large-scale international communication activities, and business exhibition services need.