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  good news one

  Recently, the supporting construction project (Phase I) project (Phase I) of the main park of Beijing Universal Studios undertaken by our company (2 projects including Universal Hotel) (glass fiber high-strength concrete product project (Second bid section) was rated as the 2021-2022 Beijing The Gold Medal Project of the Construction Great Wall Cup is the only award-winning unit in the parallel subcontracting of the Universal Studios project.



  The "Great Wall Cup" is Beijing's implementation of the national "Construction Law" and "Regulations on the Quality Management of Construction Projects". The policy of first, customer first, guides and encourages enterprises to strengthen quality management, improve project quality, and set up the highest award in the field of project quality.



  Beijing annually reviews the architectural structural projects completed in the current year and the completed architectural projects completed in the past two years. The completed projects of the "Great Wall Cup" must ensure the use function, decoration quality and environmental quality on the premise of ensuring the quality of the main structure, and have Technological innovation, eliminating common quality problems, and being able to withstand microscopic inspection and time test, is a high-quality project that ensures a reasonable service life, and the gold medal does not exceed 1/3 of the total number of selections.


  In the Beijing Universal project, Shantai Group undertook four bids for the exterior facade GRC of the Universal Studios Hotel, the hardcover GRG project for the interior of the Universal Studios Hotel, the Land of Kung Fu Panda, and the Universal Landmark. Among them, the Beijing Universal Hotel is The world's first hotel named after the Universal brand, the exterior adopts a classic Spanish style. The hotel takes film culture as the theme and uses a lot of film elements. You can reach China's first Universal Studios theme park through the middle tower on the first floor of the hotel.



  BIM effect model in the design stage




  In this project, GRC curved components are a necessary element of Spanish Renaissance architecture. Large areas of white and light yellow textured GRC are used on the walls and top surfaces, showing a retro atmosphere everywhere. The decoration is retro and literary, with intricate domes and arches echoing each other. Artworks, decorative paintings, background walls, etc. use a lot of movie elements, reflecting the universal theme everywhere.


  Good news 2
  Recently, under the leadership of the general manager of the company, through the unremitting efforts of the teams of various departments, our company has successfully passed the three system certifications of IOS9001 quality, environment 14001 and health 45001.





  Since the start of the certification work, the company's management attaches great importance to the active participation of all departments, many times focused on learning the requirements of ISO9001 quality management system documents, familiar with the essence and connotation of the documents, and then combined with the company's own operation process and rules and regulations to prepare the quality documents and procedures of our company. Through the company's collective efforts and full participation, we successfully passed the audit and successfully obtained the certificate.


  For a long time, our company has always adhered to the "rigorous and realistic, excellence. Self-improvement, win-win future "spirit of enterprise, to" regardless of impetuous, brand protection, heavy research and development, craftsman heart, 100 years of industry "as our business philosophy, our company will take the system certification audit as an opportunity to continuously improve management level, constantly improve customer service, establish brand image, achieve continuous improvement, provide quality products and services, Thus, it provides a strong guarantee for the company to expand its market share and long-term development in the future.



[Shantai Group] was established in 1992, is China's professional GRC, UHPC new building decoration materials production and installation of high-tech enterprises, is a 30 years history of the old GRC enterprise. Through the business philosophy of winning the world with integrity, leading the future with technology, and enjoying a global reputation with quality, Santai provides systematic solutions for the construction of internationally famous theme parks and provides integrated solutions for the personalized facade decoration of buildings, with thousands of classic architectural cases around the world.


Santai products cover GRC curtain wall panels, UHPC ultra-high performance concrete decoration materials, GRP (FRP), GRG, MRC new materials, colored concrete floor, TCP theme plaster and other product series. Shantai has more than 500 experienced management and technical personnel in the industry, dozens of professional construction and installation teams, and more than 50 designer teams involved in major projects in Hong Kong, Macao and overseas. In recent years, Shantai has been working closely with Zaha Hadid Architects, China Architectural Design Institute, Tsinghua University Design Institute, Tongji University Design Institute and other well-known design institutes at home and abroad. Santai widely uses 3D, BIM digital technology, research and development, design, production, installation services as a whole, is a leading enterprise in building peripheral protection system.




  As a leading enterprise in the industry, Shantai Group is one of the important members of the International GRCA Association, the director unit of the China GRC Association, the UHPC Association and the director unit of the China Concrete Decoration Association. An advanced private enterprise with a first-class qualification for building curtain wall professional contracting, Shantai Company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, invested millions of yuan to update environmental protection equipment, and passed the environmental assessment project approval; has more than ten utility model invention patents And appearance patents, the products have passed the standard testing of the United Kingdom, Germany and other countries, and it is also one of the few companies in China's GRC industry that has passed the testing of the Italian anti-freezing and thawing laboratory.


  At present, Shantai Group is centered on the Zhuhai headquarters in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the northern Dalian company, the Yangtze River Delta Nanjing company, and the southern Macau company. In the central part of China and around the Yangtze River Delta, an all-round strategic layout has been realized in the north and south. The company currently has 18 GRC injection production lines with a daily production capacity of 1,800 square meters. It has one high-definition 3D scanner imported from Europe, four 3D printers, and more than 40 sets of 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis CNC machining and engraving machines to meet the needs of large customers. Batch engineering supply construction needs.



  Shantai has completed a series of large-scale high-end projects at home and abroad with high quality, and the cases are all over the world. At present, Shantai is an outstanding member of well-known groups such as Shanghai Disneyland, Beijing Universal Studios, Chimelong Group, Macau Gaming Holdings, Macau Venetian, Huawei Group, China Changzhou Dinosaur Park, China State Construction International Group, Jangho Curtain Wall, OCT Happy Valley, etc. Strategic cooperation suppliers.