【 Industry News 】 Shantai Group became the vice chairman unit of UHPC branch

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Recently, the Ultra-High Performance Cement-based Materials and Engineering Technology (UHPC) branch of the China Concrete and Cement Products Association was held on the afternoon of January 7, 2022 as scheduled. The meeting read out the document of China Concrete and Cement Products Association "On the approval of the Ultra-high performance cement Materials and Engineering Technology Branch of the additional vice president", adding our company chairman Tan Yi as the deputy chairman of the CCPA-UHPC Branch of the first session of the council.

Then Zhao Yun, the secretary general of the branch, introduced the 2022 UHPC branch work plan and arrangement, and the meeting entered the speech discussion, and Tan Yi, the chairman of our company, made a speech on the spot to offer suggestions for the development of UHPC industry, technology and application.

This time, our company became the vice chairman unit of the Ultra-High Performance cement-based Materials and Engineering Technology (UHPC) branch of China Concrete and Cement Products Association, which reflects the comprehensive strength of Shantai Group, which is an honor and recognition of Shantai Group's contribution to the development of UHPC industry. At the same time, as a social responsibility, in the future, Santai Group will seriously implement the responsibilities of the vice chairman unit, seize the opportunity, use the association platform, complement each other's advantages, accelerate development, and firmly promote the development of UHPC materials.

China Concrete and Cement Products Association established the Ultra High Performance Cement-based Materials and Engineering Technology Branch (CCPA-UHPC Branch) in December 2018, aiming to promote the technical progress, knowledge popularization, application promotion and industrial development of UHPC in China.

At the opening ceremony of the first CCPA-UHPC Forum held in Nanchang on June 30, 2019, President Xu Yongmo of CCPA pointed out that UHPC has broken through many limits in the performance and application fields of cement-based materials. Whether it is the composition of structural material components, the performance of cement-based materials themselves, the composite with fiber reinforced materials, or the "combination" with other structural materials, it should be said that it has opened up a lot of space for development, providing us innovators with a lot of imagination. At present, the application of UHPC in various engineering is just the beginning, once the performance and advantages of UHPC are recognized, it will soon form the climax of UHPC development and application. I hope the development of UHPC starts from abroad, grows in China, and achieves in China!

The name UHPC(Ultra-high performance concrete) was suggested by French scholars in 1994, and has gradually been widely accepted and adopted because it can better express the superior performance of this ultra-high performance cement-based fiber reinforced material. France, Switzerland and Germany is the name of their own language "ultra high performance fiber reinforced concrete" (abbreviation for UHFB BFUP, German, French equivalent English UHPFRC - UltraHighPerformanceFiberReinforcedConcrete). Switzerland defines the "C" in UHPFRC to stand for "Cement-basedcomposite", which believes that UHPFRC has overcome many shortcomings of Concrete and is no longer concrete. However, in international communication, UHPC is the common name.

Finally, Zhang Guozhi, Executive director of UHPC Branch, made a summary of the meeting, pointing out that in 2021, the development of UHPC engineering application field is very fast; The publication of UHPC related standard procedures has a very good promoting effect on the development of UHPC. The opinions and suggestions put forward by the delegates have played a good role in promoting the development of the industry. I hope you will continue to support and pay attention to this year's important work "the Fourth UHPC Forum" and "the first National UHPC Technology Development and Innovative Application Conference", and wish the healthy and orderly development of the UHPC industry.