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 International GRC Association Annual Meeting 2019

 International GRC Association Annual Meeting 2019

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    The 20th Annual Meeting of the International GRC Association and the Second Council of 2019 were held on June 27, 2019 in the small town of Solihull, central England. A total of 26 members of the association's directors and member units attended the meeting.
       The meeting was chaired by Mr. Neil Sparrow, the secretary of the association. The former chairman, Mr. Richard Walsh, made a summary of the work in 2018-2019. Mr. Bob Faulding, the financial director of the association, introduced the income and expenditure of the association.
       The former vice chairman and the president of Danish BB fiberbeton AS, Simon Hertzum, were voted as the new president of the association, and the election of the council was held. The new 15-member council was established. The second half of the conference was led by Simon.
      The main topic of the meeting is the certification of the member units. The current "full membership" qualification replaces the previous AMS certification system. The meeting proposes that "full membership" must first pass the ISO9000 quality management system, and the ISO system certifiers check in the annual Let the inspected unit fill in the questionnaire provided by the international association, and the questionnaire can be passed to become the “full member” of the association. Of course, if time and expenses permit, the association will also send its own inspectors to complete the “full membership” review.
       The meeting also discussed how to further promote the association, such as online advertising and participation in some related professional conferences. The Technical Committee has raised a number of topics for further research, such as surface turtle cracks, the relationship between GRC and UHPC, and the environmental impact of GRC. The conference committee said that the 2020 international conference will be held in September in one of the two cities of London and Manchester, and which city will be selected by online voting.
       As a member of the International Association, Che Yanfei, deputy secretary-general of the China GRC Association, attended the meeting on behalf of the China Association. Dr. Che Yanfei introduced the development of China's GRC in the past year and showed some engineering examples of several major member units.