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What is the role of GRC curtain wall in modern architecture? How to choose GRC curtain wall

What is the role of GRC curtain wall in modern architecture? How to choose GRC curtain wall

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     As people pay more and more attention to the beauty of architecture, GRC curtain wall is gradually used in the decoration of architectural houses. It can be seen that the role of GRC curtain wall in modern architecture is to beautify the building. Imagine if the building was beautiful in a city, and if the roof was dilapidated, it would reduce the aesthetics of the city. At this time, the GRC curtain wall can be used as a icing on the cake. It is a perfect combination of shapes and colors.
      High-performance GRC curtain walls are made of materials such as special decorative layers, high-performance GRC layers, GRC ribs or steel frames. The product not only overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional GRC products which are easy to crack and deform, but also has a unique self-decoration effect and accurate shape and geometric size. It is a new high-end curtain wall comparable to stone, glass and other curtain walls. The GRC curtain wall is suitable for the construction of ordinary houses and also for the decoration and beautification of high-end villas or high-rise office buildings. So, how should we choose the GRC curtain wall, what are the characteristics of the high-quality GRC curtain wall?
The high performance GRC curtain wall has the following features:
1, modeling
      The high-performance GRC curtain wall panel adopts advanced manufacturing technology and has excellent mold-changeability. It can create architectural products with different styles and cultural characteristics, and provides an ideal curtain wall material for the development of personalized buildings.
2, the format
     The high-performance GRC curtain wall panel adopts unique manufacturing technology and scientific and reasonable structural structure and connection design, which can meet the design requirements of large size and size, and the board width can reach more than 20 square meters.
3, facing
     High-performance GRC curtain wall panels are made with a variety of self-decorating effects such as traditional clear water, colored water and imitation stone, imitation wood grain, etc. through unique manufacturing techniques.
4, materiality
     High-performance GRC curtain wall panels use a large number of new materials and new technologies in the field of cement and concrete, which completely solves the long-standing problems such as cracking and deformation of traditional GRC products, and greatly improves the strength of materials. Density and durability.
     The above is the knowledge about the GRC curtain wall, I hope to help everyone.
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