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Art Concrete - showing the beauty of concrete

Art Concrete - showing the beauty of concrete

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Art Concrete - showing the beauty of concrete
When it comes to concrete, many people's first impressions of it are gray and monotonous. They even think that concrete “rain me without melon”, but with the continuous innovation of building technology and the improvement of people's aesthetic level, concrete and art collision, Created a variety of styling textures, creating a variety of color combinations and rich touches of the touch, showing the beauty of concrete. And in life, art concrete has already been integrated into the building, and many times we just "do not know the true colors of the mountains." Then take a look at art concrete and get a taste of concrete together.
1. What is art concrete?
      Art concrete is a material or product that uses concrete as the main material, through careful design and construction, and carries out the necessary color matching or surface treatment to achieve the decorative effect or specific function of the building. It can display rich colors, patterns and textures, realistically simulate the materials and textures of other materials, and sculpt shapes and patterns as you like, and the effect is more and more new.
      Art concrete can be divided into colored concrete, open aggregate concrete, surface modeling concrete, etc. according to the main decorative effect of the surface. The advantages are simple and natural, beautiful and beautiful, good decorative effect, convenient material, low cost and easy implementation.
2. The effect of art concrete
       Art concrete can be imitated in a variety of material styles. The decorative concrete is very imitation. It can create a variety of natural colors in the original new and old concrete surface through the creative design of color, color, texture, style, texture, mechanism and irregular lines. Natural stone laying effects such as marble, granite, brick, tile and wooden floor. Not only can it meet the requirements of material strength in different regions and different climates, but also ensure its aesthetics.

Imitation wood

Imitation brick

Imitation stone

Imitation metal

3. Classic case
Shanghai Xinzhuang Town Minhang New City Project

John Curtin School of Medicine, Australia

Sydney Opera House