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Address of Dalian Head Office: Room 801, No. 100, Shengli Road, Xigang District, Dalian

Factory Address: No. 299, Guangxin Road, Pingsha Town, Gaolan Port Economic Zone, Zhuhai City

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Member service

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Shantai GRC Designer House

  Mission: To set up a Shantai GRC designer circle and build a platform for communication between Shantai GRC elite designers.

  Integrate and unite all the design resources and design strengths of the GRC industry to provide a harmonious, friendly and convenient communication environment for designers who are determined to engage in the decorative concrete design industry. Through the joint efforts of Shantai and the designers, we will promote and promote the development of the GRC industry and work hard to bring GRC materials to the world!

  Form: Carry out various forms of commercial promotion, academic seminars, industry activities and the latest information exchange and release, put forward independent innovation ideas, continuously improve the theoretical level of designers in the decorative concrete industry, and actively explore the innovation road of the decorative concrete industry.



Shantai VIP Customer House

  To provide customers with a full range of services, here, you can get a 24-hour online service from the project manager and account manager, timely feedback on the timely status of the project operation, and provide 24 hours of thoughtful service in the pre-construction, performance, and completion of the project.