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Beijing Universal Studios Kung Fu Panda GRG

Beijing Universal Studios Kung Fu Panda GRG

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Warmly celebrate Beijing Universal Studios Kung Fu Panda GRG, due to confidentiality agreement, the physical map is temporarily unavailable

Phase 3, 714 Kung Fu Panda Project of Beijing Universal Studio, based on the scene of the film <Kung Fu Panda>, is a project with the most Chinese feature among Universal Studios around the world, which has attracted attention of state leaders.
Shantai Company provided a whole service including creative design /shop drawing design/production/installation and theme paint  for GRG, GRC, FRP and TCP materials in this project. In order to achieve the best artistic effect, Shantai adopted the first-class carving, production and theme paint team, and most of the prefabricated products were made by manual carving. Shantai tackled challenges and perfectly presented the original scene of the cartoon, and created realistic architecture of Beijing school, Hui school and panda village, reflecting the outstanding level of Chinese manufacturing.
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