Product class

GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) is also known as GRC. Its Chinese name is glass fiber reinforced concrete. It is a composite material of high-strength cement and silica sand as base material, alkali-resistant glass fiber as reinforcing material, and also includes various properties for reinforcing properties. Additives, as well as pigments, etc. GFRC's process is very unique. The prepared mortar is sprayed on the stencil together with the glass fiber, and the texture is fine, ensuring excellent compactness, strength and crack resistance.


GFRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic) is also known as GRP or FRP. The Chinese name is glass fiber reinforced resin, commonly known as glass fiber reinforced plastic. It is a composite material of organic non-metal resin and inorganic non-metal material glass fiber. It has good electrical insulation properties and viscosity. The knot performance, high heat resistance and mechanical strength, strong plasticity and convenient construction. GFRP is widely used in aerospace, automotive yachts, building profiles, craft gifts, environmental engineering and other aspects.


GFRG (Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum), also known as GRG, whose Chinese name is glass fiber reinforced gypsum, is an ultra-fine high-strength gypsum powder (modified a gypsum) for the body, adding special continuous rigid reinforced glass fiber and environmental protection additives. A new type of decorative component. The surface of the material is smooth and delicate, and can be made into lines, columns, reliefs, arches, etc., and can also be made into various three-dimensional shapes such as planes and curved surfaces.


GRMC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Magnesium Concrete, also known as MRC) is a light-burning magnesia (MgO) as the main cementitious material, a magnesium chloride (MgCl2) solution as a mixture, and a variety of modifiers, filler materials, Reinforced materials, powder colors and other green environmentally friendly new gelled building materials that have been stirred, shaped and cured by ingredients, are A1 fireproof materials, especially suitable for places with high level of theme park set props and indoor fire protection requirements.


TCP (Themed Cement Plaster) is a new type of plastic molding material with a wide range of uses. The internal structure is used as the modeling reference. The surface is covered with carved cement as the main raw material for the sculpture. According to the required shape details and texture carving, the required shape of the scale model is achieved. TCP can save the cost of other modeling materials, save some of the cost of the plant, and can quickly form and shorten the construction period.


UHPC ((Ultra-High Performance Concrete), generally refers to concrete products with strength exceeding 100MPa, with high durability and high mechanical properties. Chinese name is ultra-high performance concrete member, also known as reactive powder concrete, which is the most Innovative cement-based engineering materials have achieved a great leap in the performance of engineering materials. UHPC replaces coarse aggregate with silicon powder and fiber, and has very high requirements for raw materials and production processes. The cement consumption is large and the water-to-binder ratio is low.