Dalian Shantai Service Hotline


Service Hotline


Dalian Shantai Service Hotline


Service Hotline

Email / info@dlshantai.com

Address of Dalian Head Office: Room 801, No. 100, Shengli Road, Xigang District, Dalian

Factory Address: No. 299, Guangxin Road, Pingsha Town, Gaolan Port Economic Zone, Zhuhai City

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Dalian Shantai New Industrial Co., Ltd.  |  Established in 2010

A large-scale group company that integrates construction project general contracting, municipal engineering contracting and special sub-contracting of various specialties. It has Dongguan branch, Meizhou branch, Changsha branch, Hengyang branch, Guangzhou branch, Beijing office and Fuzhou office. Direct agencies such as Loudi Office. Registered capital of 260 million yuan, located in Qianhai, Shenzhen.

Our company has 123 employees, net assets of 73 million yuan, more than 132 large and medium-sized mechanical equipment (pieces), power equipment rate of 11.3 kW / person, technical equipment rate of 46,300 yuan / person, engineering technology with title There are 57 economic management personnel, 66 certified employees in each position, and 15 qualified project managers, including 5 at the first level and 10 at the second level....

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At present, Shantai has realized the strategic layout of the northern Dalian Company, the central Nanjing Company, the Wuhan Company and the southern Macau Company with Zhuhai Headquarters as the center.


Project cases

The A3 block of the east section of Hanzheng Street of Wuhan Forte is located at the intersection of Yangtze River and Hanjiang River, from South Youyi Road in the east, to Jinchang Mall in the west, Yanhe Avenue in the south and Hanzheng Street in the north. The planned total land area is 23.18 hectares and consists of 8 small blocks. , The planned total construction area is 1.0114 million square meters, of which the residential area is 326,000 square meters and the commercial area is 685,400 square meters. In addition, the project plans to have a green area of 4.05 hectares. Wuhan Fuxing Group has invested huge amouts of money to build another benchmark project of "Honeycomb City" integrating industry and city.

In October 2020, Shantai won the bid for the UHPC project in the A3 block of the east section of Hanzheng Street, Forte.
Another creative work of German architect Dirk——Julong Town Catholic Church



The new standard for green building evaluation is about to be implemented, and the application prospect of GRC is good.
Case Appreciation-Weihai Citizen Cultural Center
Shantai "hands in" Lafarge to reach a strategic alliance.
Shantai tells you the four characteristics of GRC partition board