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About us

Dalian Shantai New Industrial Co., Ltd. | Established in 2010

A large-scale group company that integrates construction project general contracting, municipal engineering contracting and special sub-contracting of various specialties. It has Dongguan branch, Meizhou branch, Changsha branch, Hengyang branch, Guangzhou branch, Beijing office and Fuzhou office. Direct agencies such as Loudi Office. Registered capital of 260 million yuan, located in Qianhai, Shenzhen. Our company has 123 employees, net assets of 73 million yuan, more than 132 large and medium-sized mechanical equipment (pieces), power equipment rate of 11.3 kW / person, technical equipment rate of 46,300 yuan / person, engineering technology with title There are 57 economic management personnel, 66 certified employees in each position, and 15 qualified project managers, including 5 at the first level and 10 at the second level....


Shantai's National Distribution


Production bases

At present, Shantai has realized the strategic layout of the northern Dalian Company, the central Nanjing Company, the Wuhan Company and the southern Macau Company with Zhuhai Headquarters as the center.


Project cases


Double happiness | Welcome congratulations

Recently, the supporting construction project (Phase I) project (Phase I) of the main park of Beijing Universal Studios undertaken by our company (2 projects including Universal Hotel) (glass fiber high-strength concrete product project (Second bid section) was rated as the 2021-2022 Beijing The Gold Medal Project of the Construction Great Wall Cup is the only award-winning unit in the parallel subcontracting of the Universal Studios project.

Agile and light. Build with the shape

On the afternoon of March 3, 2022, in the report hall of the Beijing Institute of Architectural Design and Research, a smart and light · built with you - National Convention Center Phase II technical exchange meeting (facade and curtain wall) was held. The meeting was hosted by the Quality Center of the Beijing Institute of Architectural Design Hosted by our company, our company was invited to participate. Huang Qingshan, the dean of the Design Institute of the Group, made a wonderful sharing on the spot.

【 Shantai FRP classic case 】 Macao Shanglisboa

Lisboa is Asia's largest casino operator Macau Gaming Holdings Co., Ltd. spent 30 billion Hong Kong dollars (about 3.9 billion U.S. dollars) to build the first resort in the Cotai area of ​​Macau. The FRP embossed panels produced by Shantai Group have been awarded Lisboa project owner's recognition and high evaluation.

Safe production builds safety

In order to further strengthen employees' safety production awareness, actively create a safety production atmosphere, and build a safe production line of defense, according to the unified deployment of the Office of the Safety Committee of the State Council and the Emergency Management Department, Shantai Group has recently adhered to the principle of "obeying the safety production law and being the first The theme of "responsible person" is to carry out a series of activities of "safety production month" in depth to build a firm line of defense for enterprise safety production.